Navy Blue is the Most Popular Dress Color for Bridesmaids in Philly

When you think about the many, many colors you have to choose from when shopping for bridesmaid dresses, it may come as a surprise to learn that brides across the country are all gravitating towards the same three (yes, three!) hues: navy blue, blush pink and turquoise.

According to the team at Weddington Way, who analyzed dress sales and showroom data from the past three years, the most popular bridesmaid dress colors don’t vary much nationwide. In 42 of the 50 states, the blue color family reigns supreme, with eight states choosing blush as their top choice and four opting for turquoise.

But let’s just focus on PA: Navy is indeed the top choice for ladies here, too, followed by blush, turquoise, plum and stone gray (those five colors are also the most popular for the city of Philadelphia, more specifically). Philly also happens to be the “most blue city” across the board, with 42 percent of local brides choosing that color family for their Big Day.

Interesting, huh? So we’re dying to know: Are your bridesmaids wearing blue?

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