PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Andrew!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kritsen Oshansky and Andrew Driver, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round diamond set in platinum with eight smaller diamonds on each side. After we had been dating for three years, we knew getting engaged was our next step—and after I had sent Andrew a few hints and ideas of ring styles I like, Andrew admitted to not knowing much about diamonds or rings, so we decided to go shopping.

A few of our married friends had referred us to Joe Bucci of Bucci’s Jewelry & Design in Conshohocken, so we went to meet Joe, and he made us both feel so comfortable, and also gave us a crash course in Diamonds 101. Andrew and Joe had a private conversation that day, and I assume the magic started to happen from there. After leaving there that day I felt confident that Andrew had a good idea of the perfect ring for me. Over the course of the next few weeks, Joe and Andrew designed my ring and diligently picked out the most perfect center diamond.

The proposal: For our vacation this past summer, we rented a house in Outer Banks, NC with Andrew’s family. We had to cut our week in North Carolina short due to prior commitments, so we decided to extend our vacation on the front end and see some friends in Washington D.C. first, and do some exploring.

After a wonderful weekend with friends, we called it an early night so we could get out of town first thing in the morning and make our way to North Carolina. That morning I was up bright and early, eager to get going so I could get my feet in the sand. Andrew was still in bed and would not wake up. After nagging him for at least a half hour, he finally came into the bathroom where I was getting ready. He made mention of my right hand ring finger that was green from the cheap costume jewelry I had worn the night before and the next thing I know he was standing there with a ring box wide opening telling me he wanted to give me a ring that wouldn’t change my finger green ever again!

I of course said YES and he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger! Talk about a great way to start a vacation! It also gave me something to stare at for the next six hours on the way to the Outer Banks! The proposal was quirky and intimate (we had discussed not having a public proposal) and I wouldn’t change a thing!

The band: The band(s) for each side I hope to get would match the width of the engagement band making it super blingy! I have also considered a single rose gold band with diamonds around it or maybe a thicker blingy band that could be worn alone on certain occasions. I am totally open for suggestions from PW readers!

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