This Company Will Create a Custom Hashtag For Your Wedding

Wedding hashtags are all the rage nowadays, and chances are you’ve already started brainstorming the creative tag your guests will use on your Big Day. We love the idea, but coming up with the perfect hashtag—one that’s cute and funny but also functional and original (aka it hasn’t been used by another couple somewhere in the world)—is, for many couples, no easy task.

You can, of course, make use of this handy hashtag generator, which will pump out a ton of different options based on the information (like nicknames and when and where you’re getting married) you plug in. We gave it a go and realized that while the hashtags it came up with were a tad generic, they certainly gave us a few ideas to work with.

If you’re really lacking in creativity, why not consider letting someone else do the work for you? Thanks to the guys behind, you’re one email away from the perfect custom hashtag for all of your wedding events. Kansas City journalist Andrew McKeegan and his co-founder Matt Spitsen will use your names, the details of your wedding and any fun facts you give them to come up with a variety of potential hashtags—and it’s completely free.

To order your custom hashtag, go here.

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