Cash Gifts are Now the Norm for Millennial Couples



We’ve talked about registry websites—specifically those that allow couples to fill their wish lists with honeymoon activities and other experiences—many times here on the blog, and with each new site or app that comes out we find ourselves going back to the whole cash-instead-of-gifts topic.

Traditionally, it was seen as rude and super awkward to ask your guests for money instead of blenders and bath towels, but nowadays it seems that couples are encouraged to skip classic registries in favor of cash, gift cards and honeymoon funds—especially if those items make more sense for the couple’s lifestyle.

With people getting married later in life and choosing to live together years before tying the knot, typical registries just don’t make sense for the millennial generation, and so cash gifts are becoming the norm.

It’s no longer taboo to suggest to your wedding guests that you’d prefer cash over place settings, though many experts recommend you do set up a small registry at a store of your choice so that guests have an alternative option if they’re uncomfortable with giving money.

This article does a pretty great job of summing up the topic while offering advice on how to ask for cash in the most tasteful way possible.

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