Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Drinking at Someone Else’s Wedding



Let’s be honest: Nothing positive can come from being a sloppy wedding guest. No matter how you slice it, getting rip-roaring drunk at someone else’s affair is a recipe for disaster and embarrassment—not to mention the fact that your drunken antics can potentially ruin the day for the bride and groom (which is really the main reason why you should be mindful of how much you’re drinking).

That’s not to say you shouldn’t indulge in the open bar and let loose a bit (it is a party after all), it’s just a matter of knowing your tolerance and pacing yourself throughout the day.

This Thrillist article—which offers (hilarious) step-by-step instructions detailing when and what to drink from the ceremony through the after party—breaks it all down for you, so you’ll know exactly how to handle the alcohol situation at the (many) weddings you’re attending this summer.

Now, when it comes to the bride and groom on their wedding day, a whole different set of drinking rules apply (i.e. it’s their party, so they are certainly allowed to drink as much as they want, though you all know how strongly we advise against brides having an all-champagne diet on their wedding day).

And if for even more specific guidelines based on your place and position in or at the wedding, we have those rules for you here.

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