A Guide To Drinking At Weddings

You're going to want to save this.


This is awesome.

Grub Street put together some excellent notes on getting drunk—or not—at weddings based on a hierarchy of where you fall as a person attending that wedding. It’s pretty genius, actually. Breaking everyone down from whether they’re the actual bride or groom to that childhood friend no one can believe actually showed up (hello, courtesy invite!), it maps out what each person should drink and how much and at what pace starting with the rehearsal dinner, and up until last call at the reception’s bar.

We have to say, we pretty much agree with every word. Especially concerning one of the three ground rules they say apply to all people at all weddings everywhere: no cash bar! “If there is a cash bar, you’re on your own. Any couple that makes people pay for drinks at their wedding deserves whatever they get.”

True that.


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