Why You Should Make a Wedding “Did It” List Instead of a “To-Do” List 



Be Well Philly recently pointed us towards a Yahoo Health article with an interesting take on the whole to-do list thing: that, in short, you should skip it!

It basically argues that when you make a to-do list in the morning and you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed, that doing so just increases that. And, that as you add to your list throughout the day, you can start feeling totally loaded down with responsibilities—and then defeated if you don’t plow through everything on your list.

This theory suggests that instead, at the end of the day, you write down everything you accomplished during the day in an “I Did” list, so that what’s laid out in front of you is what you did get done—instead of what you didn’t.

Sounds like an interesting thing to try for all you brides whose to-do lists have tripled since landing that ring on your finger. And while we don’t encourage you to completely abandon your lists—you should still have a master wedding checklist somewhere; don’t want to get completely disorganized, here!—maybe try not bogging yourself down with demands each morning before you’ve even had your coffee. Who knows—you might begin to cross stuff off your list even faster than when it’s staring up at you all day from your ever-present planner.

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