This Crazy Home Movie Shows a New Jersey Couple Next to Each Other at Sesame Place 16 Years Before They Met 

Can you even imagine? You’re sitting at home with your husband of eight years, your three kids toddling about the house somewhere, when you stumble across some home movies. You pop one in and there, as you watch your-10-year-old-self enjoy the water slides at good ole Sesame Place in Langhorne, a skinny kid in too-big glasses crosses briefly in front of the camera, and you realize … it’s your husband.

Crazy, yes? And yet that is what happened to Jourdan Barovick and Ryan Spencer. They didn’t notice each other on that fun summer day with their families, but when they were set up 16 years later on a blind date, they hit it off and have been married since 2007.

Take a look at their first meeting—it’s quick!

As you can imagine, they freaked. Which seems fair. They had friends and Spencer relatives weigh in and compare the footage with other shots of Ryan as pre-teen, and it is quite confirmed that this craziness is real.

Don’t you wish there was secret footage somewhere of any time you and your fiance’s paths had crossed in your lives before you knew each other? You can’t help but wonder if, in today’s tech world, such a thing will happen more and more.

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