Are Bridal Shorts Going to Become the New Wedding Thing?

Because we're OK with that.

J.Crew's Laine sequin bridal shorts, available now on Photo courtesy J.Crew.

J.Crew’s Laine sequin bridal shorts, available now on Photo courtesy J.Crew.

Last year, J.Crew included a bridal jumpsuit in their spring/summer 2014 wedding lookbook, and I shocked myself by liking it. Really liking it.

Almost immediately after that, we started seeing bridal jumpsuits from designers like Rivini and Lanvin—and then, every bridal jumpsuit-liking lady in the world was validated when Queen Bey herself wore one while onstage during her On the Run tour with husband Mr. Jay Z. They were a thing!

Well now, brides, J.Crew has included bridal shorts—sequin bridal shorts, no less!—in their spring/summer 2015 lookbook, and we are going to go ahead and put a big ole stamp of approval on these guys, too.

Now, for me, the $450 Laine shorts are just about perfect for changing into for the dance-heavy portion of your reception or the after-party—or for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party. I imagine that those occasions will be the ones the majority of ladies who order these have in mind when filling their e-carts. But I think they’re fab enough to wear for the main event and would applaud any bride with both the sartorial and leg confidence to rock them down the aisle.

Also, lest we forget, this is not the first time in recent memory that we are seeing bridal shorts: I just about died when I saw Olivia Palermo’s wedding day getup, which involved a glorious Carolina Herrera ball skirt over a pair of delicate white shorts. Matter of a fact, I declared it my favorite bridal look in all of 2014.

And, since we’re sharing, I happen to own BHLDN’s version (they’re sold out at the moment, sorry!); even though I opt to wear them to cocktail parties with strappy sandals and lots of jewelry, they are meant, of course, for bridal use.

So there you have it: we here at PW are officially on the bridal shorts bandwagon, hope to see them pop up in more designers’ collections, and can’t wait to see fashionable brides pulling them on as the weather becomes warm this spring. And if you’re one of them? Pictures, please.

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