Thanks to Olivia Palermo, a Wedding-Day Sweater/Shorts/Ball Skirt Ensemble Might Be Our New Favorite Bridal Look  

All weekend, people were texting me a link to Olivia Palermo‘s website to show me what she wore on her wedding day, except the former fashionista reality star-turned-style-blogger’s website would not load for me.

When I finally got myself to a computer, I managed to find a few pics, and oh my goodness did I join my texters in their squealing. Behold the gloriousness of this outfit:

(You can see it from the back here.)

Her website tells us that all three pieces that make up her uniquely gorgeous ensemble are by Carolina Herrera (of course)—a cashmere sweater with ostrich feathers, a pair of white shorts, and a beautiful pouf of a full tulle skirt overlay with a floral pattern and high slit. Oh! And she wore the Manolos made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in the first (read: not the one that was a nightmare) Sex and the City movie.

Oh, and her German model husband Johannes Huebl wore something very nice, too.

We love when a bride does something with her look that really makes it reflective of her and her personal style, and this just about epitomizes it.

Are you planning to do something untraditional with your wedding-day look?

Image: Featureflash /

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