Here’s How Texts Between You and Your Fiancé Will Change After You Get Married



What does a data scientist give her husband for their anniversary? Why, a series of word clouds depicting how their text messages to each other have changed from when they were dating, through their engagement, and now into their marriage, of course.

The results are not surprising and hilarious all at once. Here’s how married texts differ from dating texts:

  • You don’t say hi, hey, or what’s up anymore—you just jump right into the business.
  • You never use each other’s names.
  • Your texts are clumped earlier in the day, rather than at night.

Basically, any and all niceties are replaced with words like ok, home and dinner. There’s a pretty amusing breakdown of how the context that those words are used in changes, too, with marriage, along with a series of word clouds and graphs that visually show the slow decline from sweet nothings to nothing sweet.

Any of this sound familiar to you guys already?

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