PW Reader Ring: Lauren & Jeffrey!

Lauren's ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

Lauren’s ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

The couple: Lauren Schott and Jeffrey Sheehan, from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring is white gold with an oval diamond center stone, and six diamond side stones coming to points on the right and left.

I knew I wanted an oval or emerald cut, but it was ultimately Jeff’s choice! I had tried on some rings while we were in Las Vegas the summer before our engagement, but I could never have imagined such a beautiful choice! Jeff actually got it while on vacation in the Cayman Islands with some of his friends. He chose the center stone first, and paired it with this setting to make it a one-of-a-kind ring.

The proposal: I had a feeling that a proposal might be coming in the next few months, but I was completely surprised that it happened when it did! It was a Monday, and I had been at work teaching kindergarten as usual, counting the days until winter break.

Jeff prepared the surprise while I was out of the house, and I opened the door to see rose petals strewn across the floor, a fresh bouquet of two dozen red roses, lit candles, and a man down on one knee holding a crystal-studded pillow, tiara and ring box. It was a cold day, and the first thing he said as I just stood there with a shocked expression on my fave was, “What are you doing? Come in, close the door, it’s freezing!”

The band: I would like a wedding band with stones to match the side diamonds on the engagement ring. Safian & Rudolph has one that I particularly like for its curved shape that will fit around the oval center stone. It has been difficult finding a band that fits well around the engagement ring, so I’ve been toying with the idea of having one custom made.  Any advice and experience with curved wedding bands would be greatly appreciated!

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