This Guy Threw a Fake Wedding to Propose to His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

We're a little confused, though.

Ok, so I am going to explain what’s going on here to the best of my ability, but I also have a lot of questions.

This guy, Jack, is a wedding planner. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a rather elaborate way, so he put together an actual wedding—albeit not a real one—complete with a couple, a bridal party, a cake, flowers, music, dinner tables, and a first dance. (He “hired” past clients of his and various people from his life to pose in these various roles—including about 80 guests.)

During the wedding, he led his girlfriend Sophia to the dance floor, where he proposed:

So, my questions. I mean, I think this is very sweet and I smiled sappily at my screen just like usual when watching a proposal video—but I just don’t get a lot of this, logistically speaking, and it’s distracting me from the lovely moment that eventually happens.

Did Sophia wonder why, if her husband-to-be was so close to these grooms that they’d be invited to their wedding, she didn’t even know them? Jack mentions that he had made sure that one of the fake grooms was at the birthday party for his and Sophia’s baby recently, so as to “plant” him in their lives as a friend—but wouldn’t you think it was weird if your significant other announced some rando friend you had never heard of was coming to your baby’s first birthday party? Did she literally not know another soul at the wedding and wonder if Jack had a second life? Wonder why they were there?

Also, I can only imagine that her confusion (on top of the aforementioned confusion she must have already been feeling, right?) that she was clearly feeling as to why on earth he was proposing at a wedding must have nearly completely overwhelmed the normal reactions a girl gets when she is proposed to: happiness, surprise, and all that. I kind of feel like he may have robbed her of what she would have otherwise felt when the father of her munchkin proposed to her because all she could think was WHYAREYOUDOINGTHIS? Even when she finally understood … I don’t know.

Dude gets a lot of points for effort and they seem absolutely adorable and extremely happy together, so if she loved it, then all is well, and maybe I am just overthinking it. (I see a lot of these, you know.)

Am I alone?

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