We Can All Appreciate This Drunk Bride Trying to Score Taco Bell After Her Wedding 

We feel ya, lady. Photo via Reddit.

We feel ya, lady. Photo via Reddit.

Several people sent me this link over the weekend, and I have to say, it did not disappoint.

Who among us has not hunted down fast food after a few too many? And who of us has not gone about that mission in questionable ways? Brides are not immune to such needs, guys—which is why this fabulous girl found herself trying to score some good ole Taco Bell after the conclusion of her wedding reception.

A few things:

  • I love that she is not wearing some casual, easy-breezy wedding dress. No, she is a bride, in full regalia of tulle and crystals and delicate little cap sleeves and a coordinating headpiece. And she cares not if she spills taco sauce on it.
  • I love that she opted to turn the drive-thru into a walk-thru, instead of walking into the restaurant.
  • I wish this included audio and video.

I’m sure she’s thrilled that her hours-old husband uploaded this for all the world (or, well, at least over a million people on Reddit), but hopefully, she realizes that truly, we all salute her.

I have known several just-married couples to scarf down a whole pizza, still in their dress duds, after their weddings. Any of you look for drunk food on your wedding night?

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