Ask the Expert: Am I Expected To Bring A Gift To Every Pre-Wedding Event?



Question: In addition to being a guest at my friend’s wedding, I’ve also been invited to quite a few of the showers and parties that happen before the Big Day. It seems a bit excessive, not to mention costly, to bring a gift to each one of these celebrations but I feel uncomfortable showing up empty-handed. For the engagement party, bachelorette party, and other events of that nature, are gifts expected or required?

Answer: When it comes to gift-giving etiquette, the simplest answer is that it’s customary to bring a gift to both the bridal shower and the wedding, says Sarah Morrison of All About Events. As for the additional celebrations, like the engagement or bachelorette parties, she advises that “gifts are certainly not required nor expected.”

However, if you feel awkward attending those pre-wedding events empty-handed, Morrison suggests “bringing an inexpensive bottle of champagne, small box of chocolates, or even a handwritten card congratulating the couple.”

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