Lululemon Made a Dude a Tux for His Wedding; Will Unfortunately Not Be Making One for Yours

The Todd Tux, courtesy Lululemon

The Todd Tux (on a model, not Todd), courtesy Lululemon

Last week, it came to our attention that Lululemon, maker of the very non-pants pants that you’re either wearing right now or will don the second you can tear off your work clothes this evening, made a recent groom named Todd a Lulu tuxedo for his wedding—just because he asked.

As the story goes on Racked, Todd bemoaned the uncomfortableness of regular tuxes concerning his upcoming nuptials on a Lulu forum—and company designer Cara Sumpton heard his cries and fashioned him a tux featuring all the Lulu signatures: four-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathable fabric; thumb holes; and a few wedding-occasion extras like embroidered lapels, a flask pocket and a cigar pocket.

Todd was happy, to be sure—but then we wondered: Might this start a new line of inventory for the workout clothes mothership?

Sadly, no. “Yep, this was a one-time thing, made specifically for this guest,” a Lulu rep told us. “It will not be available to the masses.” On behalf of all the sweating, itchy grooms this summer, Todd, we hope you appreciate what you’ve got.

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