Bridal Fitness: 12 Tough YouTube Workouts That’ll Get You Dress-Ready In Under 10 Minutes



We know, dear brides, that two of the things that are currently at the forefront of your minds as you navigate this path towards your wedding day are 1) how ardently you want to stick to your health and fitness plan to get dress-ready before you walk down the aisle … and, 2) well, just how stinking busy you are!

That’s why we are always happy to help you find ways to get it all in—and luckily, our friends at Be Well Philly are fabulous resources for such things. Today, they’ve rounded up 12 YouTube workout videos that are all under 10 minutes long—but intense enough to make a difference. This way, you can fit one in when less than 10 minutes is literally all you’ve got—or you can combine a few of them to squeeze in a total-body workout in the comfort and convenience of your own home, for the price of $0 dollars.

Get ’em here.

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