The 100-Rep Workout You Can Do At Home to Get In Shape for Your Wedding



Well, we’ve clued you in before to Be Well Philly’s amazing BeWow weekly workout series—seriously, follow along and you will a) not get bored and b) get ripped for your wedding—but we just had to bring your attention to today’s, since Be Well editor Emily Leaman called special attention to it today in our morning meeting. (She seems to be under the impression that each and every one of us in that room was capable of doing it, and suggested she’d be checking back in with us to see who actually had.)

It is a 100-rep workout (which, whew) that does seem doable, because, as the post explains, you can break it down however you want—but that also, done regularly, will whip you into pretty amazing shape for your strut down the aisle. Our favorite part? The only equipment it requires are a few dumbbells, so you don’t have to be in a gym to do it. You can be standing right in front of your television or on your deck at the Shore.

If you try it, do us a solid and tell us what you think, so we can report back to Leaman as if we did it ourselves.

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