Bridal Fitness: 10 Awesome YouTube Workouts You Can Do at Home



Sometimes, when plans get canceled or messed up because of the weather (like, I don’t know, work), it’s a nice little treat. A break. A time to enjoy feeling not guilty about not doing something. Other times, unplanned cancelations just throw everything off, and when that keeps happening, that’s when the stress sets in.

Well, brides, we thought you should know, that thanks to our buds over at Be Well Philly, you needn’t freak out about missing another day at the gym or studio on your quest to get dress-ready due to the sheets of ice falling from the sky—because they’ve gone ahead and rounded up ten really awesome workouts to do via YouTube while in the comfort of your own home.

Some of them are longer and will truly replace whatever class you might be missing, and some of them are shorter, so you can combine workouts that focus on arms or abs. Either way, as long as you’re not holed up in an office or home that’s packed with nothing but junk food, you should be good. We won’t let you get thrown off course.

Take a look at the list here.

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