VIDEO: Wedding Crashers Found Through Facebook Apologize to Local Bride

The crashers. Photo via

The crashers. Photo via

When Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly tied the knot back in January at the Valley Forge Casino & Resort, the bride noticed a couple she didn’t know yucking it up with her wedding guests—even sitting at the cousin’s table, at one point—always with drinks in hand. The wedding coordinator told them to scram, and that was that. No real harm done.

But then, the couple got their wedding photos and video back from their vendors—and lo and behold, the crashers were very much there, too, cheesing all over the place. And to the bride, crashing and having a few drinks on them is one thing—but being memorialized via a very heavy presence in photos and video, well, that’s entirely more upsetting. (And we have to agree.)

And so, they took action! They posted photos of the crashing couple on 6ABC’s Facebook page in hopes of identifying their invaders, and it worked: The bride actually received an apology via Facebook directly from the couple themselves, who explained that they were guests of the hotel that night, bored, happened upon their wedding, and thought they’d have some fun. They also claimed that they had never done anything like that before, which we completely believe, going by how terrible a job they did of blending in/going undetected.

The bride has graciously accepted the apology. See how it all played out below.

Do you have a plan to ward off crashers at your wedding? Have any ridiculous crashing stories from weddings you’ve attended in the past?

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