Philadelphia Wedding Wants to Know: What Was Your Worst Wedding-Guest Experience?



We’ve all been to a wedding where there was some factor that put a damper on the evening. And we don’t mean that it rained and you ruined your new slingbacks or that you broke up with your boyfriend the night before and had to deal with his empty seat staring you in the face all night long, or that you decided that alternating between tequila shots and jumping around on the dance floor was a good way to spend five hours and oh, hey, it wasn’t. We’re not talking about bad nights you brought upon yourself.

We’re talking about those weddings where either the couple didn’t take pains to ensure a good guest experience, or the venue or one of the wedding vendors created some sort of guest hardship via neglect or some sort of service failure. Because it’s from these things that we can all learn.

We here at PW are working on a little project for the mag, and for it, we want to hear about your worst experiences as a wedding guest. (And we have sure heard some doozies.) So whether there were two bartenders or two bathroom stalls for a wedding of 400 people and the lines were excruciating for either, or the best man talked for 45 minutes—complete with video and/or a PowerPoint presentation—and you didn’t get your dinner until 10, or there was no transportation from the guest lodging to the reception 40 minutes away and you had to navigate yourselves in a rental car through winding, dark, badly marked back roads—do tell.

Send an email to and tell us what happened. Who knows, you may be personally responsible for making sure no other innocent wedding guest suffers the same fate as you.

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