10 Common Guest Complaints and How to Avoid Them at Your Wedding



For the most part, being a guest at a wedding is nothing but fun, even if sometimes, it’s expensive fun. You get to dress up, drink, dance, hang with friends, and, assuming you are there because people you love are getting married, bask in the joy of watching people you love get married.

But it is a very legitimate truth that sometimes, there can be things about attending weddings that suck.

Food can be bad, or almost worse, served four hours after the cocktail hour has started, leaving you starved, with nothing in your belly but chardonnay. Worse yet, if they’ve committed the Most Horrible Wedding Offense Ever, they may have asked you to pay for that chardonnay. And sometimes, as the happy couple’s first anniversary approaches, you may realize that you still haven’t received a thank-you note for that sterling silver serving platter with the scrolled edging that you so generously gifted them.

We thought this was a fab piece—not just because it brings attention to ten sucky things you do not want your guests to experience at your wedding, but also because it provides helpful advice on how to avoid and/or deal with such situations.

What other unfortunate situations have you experienced as a wedding guest? What are you keeping in mind concerning your guests’ experience as you plan various aspects of your wedding? 

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