PW Reader Ring: Lizzie & Jonny!

Lizzie's ring!

Lizzie’s ring!

The couple: Lizzie Johnston and Jonny Friedman from Marlton.

The ring: My ring is a Hearts on Fire white-gold ring with a round center diamond with a squared halo around it, and diamonds going down the sides. My fiance was deployed in Afghanistan last year, and we talked endlessly about all of the things we were looking forward to when he got home. One of those things being getting engaged and moving in together!

While Jonny was away, my sister and I went to Bernie Robbins Jewelers in Marlton to have some fun and try on rings. I fell in love with this ring immediately! My sister even created a PDF file for Jonny to make it easy for him to pick out the ring when he got home, noting what I was looking for in a ring, and which rings I liked and didn’t like. The file has since become very popular, especially with the salesman at Bernie Robbins who helped Jonny when he brought it into the store to pick out my ring!

The proposal: While Jonny was deployed and we were talking about the future, the subject of where we wanted to get married came up. I told him I’d always wanted to get married in the Pier House in Kitty Hawk, NC. After more talking, we did a bit of research and learned that the Pier House books up two years in advance. Jonny sent me an email telling me to book it for June 27, 2014, and included a joke about that note being his proposal!

So, Jonny came home in May, and at the end of June, we went to the Outer Banks for vacation with my family. (We had also planned a trip to Hawaii for July, a “welcome home, let’s go somewhere amazing” celebration for just the two of us). Everyone thought he was going to propose in Hawaii—even me!—but, on June 27, 2013 we were on the beach by the Kitty Hawk Pier House at 5:30, taking pictures on the beach of just the two of us to celebrate that in one year, we’d be getting married in that exact spot at that exact time. I didn’t realize that after Jonny set up the camera on a tripod and came to stand with me for the pictures, he was hiding the ring behind my back the whole time. (You can see him holding it up in the pictures and I was oblivious to what was about to happen!)

Jonny got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And after I said yes (and stopped jumping around), we were greeted by a roar of applause and screams from beach-goers, people out on their decks, and people on the Pier.

The band: I am going with the stacked look, and will have two bands from the Hearts on Fire collection. The diamonds run three-quarters of the way around the band, stopping at the same point to match my engagement ring.

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