9 Awesome Online Tutorials for Wedding-Day Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself



Without fail, whenever I hear of a bride who is doing her own hair for her wedding, I am terrified. And also without fail, whenever I have seen or seen pictures of a bride who has done her own hair for her wedding, I am so incredibly impressed! It just solidifies that we ladies fall into two camps: the Can Do Hair and the Cannot Do Hair. Oh, to be a part of the first. Sigh. But I digress …

For those girls out there who can look at a hairstyle in a magazine or on a friend or from their favorite TV show and simply recreate it on their own heads and then go out into the world—well, first, I envy you, if that wasn’t already obvious. And secondly, I understand why you might do your own hair on your wedding day. You have no reason to think it won’t look awesome, you’re in complete control of it, and it costs zero dollars. Win win win.

And, it is for you girls that we are always sure to pass along really good how-tos when it comes to wedding-day hairstyles, since we imagine that, without the help of a stylist, you are looking for inspiration and instruction all on your own. That’s why you need to check out our sister blog Shoppist’s roundup of awesome hairstyling tutorials on the web. Also: Because you need to wear that braided bun from the first video on your wedding day. And then show us how to do it.

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