PW Reader Ring: Jenn & Garrett!

Jenn's ring!

Jenn’s ring!

The couple: Jennifer Kent and Garrett Miller from Philadelphia.

The ring: Garrett chose to use his friend and custom jewelry designer Jeff Kellmer of Haverford. My ring is a custom three-stone ring set in platinum. The center is a cushion-cut diamond and it’s flanked by two trilliant-cut sapphires.

The proposal: I was a recently divorced single mom of the most spectacular nearly three-year-old daughter there could possibly be. Dating again was seriously the last thing on my radar, but a fellow girlfriend who was also going through the same woes coaxed me to join with her so she wouldn’t feel so alone in the process. Quite frankly, I was not at all interested in the dating scene let alone discovering the online world of dating. My primary focus was raising my daughter, albeit alone, and being good to myself for a change. So, being a good friend and a little curious, I too joined Match with my friend.

Within hours of posting a profile, my inbox was full—and I had also decided it was too much, thinking, I‘m a full time mom, I don’t have time for this. I’ll let the one-week free trial run its course and I’m outta here. But as I waded through my inbox clicking “delete” without reading because the filter obviously wasn’t working, there was this ONE email with the funniest subject line. The photo attached was of a handsome gentleman with strikingly white teeth and very tan skin—he did what he had set out to do and caught my attention; I opened the email. It was the only one I did. His name was Garrett Miller from Philadelphia.

Over the coming weeks, Garrett met my daughter Chloe and formed an instant bond with her. They share a love of trains, cooking, and frozen yogurt. She calls him her best friend.  We started spending virtually every day together, it just seemed natural. It felt right, like a relationship should have been this way all along.

After six weeks of dating, we took a quick day trip to St. Thomas/St. John. On our first full day there, we took a ferry over to St. John and drove a Jeep all over the Island. At the end of the tour (Garrett lived there for a few months post rowing in the Olympics years ago), he stopped at the highest point of the island, Chateau Bordeaux, where you can see all of the surrounding islands. He stood behind me and quoted a print by Ingrid Bergman I had given him just weeks earlier, as he pointed in each of the directions: “‘What are you doing for the rest of your life? North, south,  east and west of your life. I have only one request of your life. That you spend it all with me.’ So, Jennifer Frances Scheer-Kent will you spend the rest of your life with me?” And then he flashed the ring box in front of me! In shock, I nearly toppled down the mountainside. I tearfully accepted. This really was happening, and without question I was going to let myself (and my precious daughter) be happy!

The band: We are going to go with a custom-made tension-set diamond eternity band set in platinum.

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