14 Things Brides Should Avoid Right Before—and During—Their Wedding



Three days before my friend’s wedding this summer, I received a text from her just a few minutes before midnight: “You awake?” And as any girlfriend knows, this question at this hour is not usually a good thing.

To sum it up, my very smart, very level-headed friend had, inexplicably, mentioned the word “blonde” in her instructions to her hair stylist, who was giving her some pre-wedding highlights before she headed to the Shore to begin the weekend. (She is not blonde.) These instructions were, my friend admitted even then, a bit garbled—on a normal day, she always says she has trouble articulating the look she wants when it comes to things like hair cuts and color; three days before her wedding, when she was tired, stressed, overwhelmed with to-do lists, feeling all of the emotions, and, in short, didn’t know which end was up, she really couldn’t articulate it. So while in the end, she pretty much got what she asked for, it also made her cry.

It all turned out perfectly, thank goodness—I shipped her over to the kind and talented miracle-workers at Laurentius Salon, and her color looked amazing on her wedding day. But the thing is, you hear about girls doing things like this all the time—experimenting or veering off their usual course when it comes to beautifying, eating, what have you, and then getting themselves into a kind of emergency situation right before their wedding. But you never think that you’ll do that sort of thing. You think that your very reliable common sense will prevail and that no way would you do anything risky either right before your wedding or on your actual wedding day.

And I never would have though my friend would do anything like that, either. I cannot even tell you how shocked I was to be dealing with this situation with her, specifically, right before her wedding. But weddings do crazy things to non-crazy people, ladies, and so my point is this: These warnings beg repeating.

From beauty experiments like getting not-your-usual hair color or your very first spray tan the day before your wedding, to day-of warnings like the one that I am always preaching about to brides (do not personally be in charge of anything on that day!) this roundup on SheFinds is filled with reminders of all the things you should avoid in order to avoid disaster.

The power is in your hands, ladies. Repeat these things to yourself enough times and the wedding crazies won’t get the best of you!

What else should be on this list? Please share from experience! 

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