Bridal Fitness: Get Totally Toned for Your Wedding With This Six-Week Program



Ever just stare at the weights in your gym and wish you knew what to do with them—like, really do with them, regarding what exercises and how many reps and how many pounds and for how long—to get really awesomely sculpted, without hiring a personal trainer? Cause that is one of the many thoughts we have sometimes while zoning out on the elliptical.

Well we just found this awesome workout—actually, it’s a set of dual weight-lifting workouts that you do in conjunction; you’ll see—in Women’s Health from strength coach and fitness author Kellie Davis that uses compound exercises (think squatting while pushing weights above your head) to burn calories and sculpt your muscles in as little as six weeks.

Could be an awesome thing to kickstart your get-dress-readt exercise program—or just to change it up right there in the middle. Any kind of timeframe promise, of course, that comes with a workout has to be taken with a grain of salt—everyone is different!—but I still kind of like when they do; it gives you a point at which you can look back and really reflect on the progress that you have made.

Plus, like they say: strong is sexy.

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