Proactive Woman Cancels Her Brother’s Wedding, Requests Thanks for Saving Him a Divorce



An enterprising British lady who strongly disliked her brother’s fiance decided to take matters into her own hands by hopping on the phone, impersonating her not-if-she-could-help-it-soon-to-be-sister-in-law, and canceling the wedding a mere three weeks before it was to take place.

But then, instead of keeping this piece of information to herself and watching as the Big Day could not, logistically, unfold, she called up her brother to announced with pride that she had just saved him a divorce, even offering to send over the confirmation email that proved his upcoming nuptials were no more. The would-be-sister-in-law promptly called the police.

The, er, happy couple was able to rebook everything and the wedding did take place, much to the incarcerated sister’s dismay, who claimed that “she was trying to protect her brother and intended only to cause her sister-in-law distress.”

And we’ve all been there before, amiright?

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