14 Registry Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought Of



We were just talking last week about how some couples, whether it’s because they’re older or they already live together or what, already have many of the household items that you’d normally put on a typical wedding registry, and instead could use help with things like a downpayment for a house. (In other words: Have blenders. Need money.)

We talked about how there is actually a way to ask for cash in lieu of traditional wedding gifts without being rude—and then this week, we saw this roundup of unconventional wedding registries that expanded on this idea.

From websites where guests can essentially gift cash that will be designated for various purposes—such as honeyfund.com, where people can quantify their monetary gift in a way that will apply specifically to your honeymoon (i.e. dinner one night or parasailing for two; our past bridal blogger Carly considered the idea)—to places that you probably didn’t even realize had a registry (Home Depot! Maybe you don’t want to tell him about that one …), there are lots of fun ideas and good tips rolled up in here.

One that we’ll add that has come up a few times here at PW: an outdoorsy registry! A few issues ago, our back page was written by the new husband of one of our editors, who offered some registry tips for dudes trying to survive the process—but also bemoaned the fact that he lost out on the battle of doing a registry at REI. He really wanted a kayak. He was probably jealous of our past bridal blogger, Kristy, who did end up registering at REI with her then-fiance for their wedding.

For what kind of unconventional things or in what unconventional ways are you your groom registering for your wedding? 

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