You Can Hire This Philly Meteorologist As Your Personal Wedding Weatherman



I have pulled many a smartphone out of a bride’s hand—and many brides away from many computers—in the days before their weddings as they’ve stared obsessively at the forecast, sometimes willing it to change with magical beams from their plea-filled eyeballs.

Because the thing is, as we all know, you can’t do anything about it. The weather is something that is completely out of everyone’s control, and I often think that if a bride could just really, truly, seriously, embrace that truth, that in a way, the stress of it all could be alleviated. (Sometimes it works.)

But while none of us can do anything about the weather, we can definitely do things to plan for weather, and that is why we are filling you in on this cool service from a local weatherdude that we just discovered: It’s called My Wedding Weatherman.

Earlier this week, my colleague Victor Fiorillo wrote a post on about the results of an online poll he had recently conducted in which a massive amount of write-in answers ended up declaring back-in-Philly Rob Guarino as this town’s favorite meteorologist. And, as it also turns out, he owns a company called Storm Surge that provides customized forecasts to various people who might need such a thing—and brides, as you can imagine, majorly fall into that category.

It’s pretty cool. This is how the three different levels of the My Wedding Weatherman package work:

  • With the Bronze ($49), you get a weather-history report on the typical climate for your wedding day; the forecast for your wedding day emailed to you daily starting from two weeks out; and Rob on-call around the clock (via phone calls, texts, whatever) starting one week out from your wedding day.
  • With the Silver ($69), you get everything in the Bronze package, plus an hour-by-hour forecast for your wedding day sent to you starting at three days out, and a forecast and general out look for your honeymoon.
  • With the Gold ($99), you get everything in the Silver package (except with this one, you get to harass Rob around the clock starting at two weeks out from the Big Day); plus a travel forecast for the weather your out-of-town guests will encounter, whether they’re coming to Philly via plane, train or automobile; and a weather consultant who can help you figure out any weather-related logistics concerning your weather-affected vendors, like your florist.

With any of these packages, the bride and groom are welcome to hit Rob up with any questions they might have as soon as they make their purchase, and a general climatology report will be mailed to them within 48 hours.

Because this way, even if it does rain on your wedding day, at least you won’t get wet.

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