Kris Humphries Auctions Off Kim Kardashian’s Bonkers Engagement Ring



Ah, closure. It’s what every dumpee looks for in order to put their getting-dumped experience behind them, isn’t it? Here’s hoping that for NBA player and casualty of the Kardashian Reality Empire Kris Humphries, auctioning off Kim Kardashian’s unholy spectacle of an engagement ring brings him exactly that.

CBS News reports that, although he and his peeps tried to be tricky and auction off Ms. Kardashian’s Lorraine Schwartz-designed monster rock under the vague descriptions “An Impressive Diamond Ring, By Lorraine Schwartz,” and “property of a gentleman,” everyone knew exactly what was going on. And despite knowing exactly what was going on, two phone bidders and two in-person bidders got into a thing over it! In the end, it went for $749,000.

In the end, too, Humphries’ rep coughed up that the ring in question was, in fact, the one his client had given to Kimmy several years ago, and added that the ball player was quite pleased with the result of the sale; he’s actually going to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, which is both nice and also probably in his best interest, too, right? Karma, and all that.

Whew. Here’s hoping that whole thing is done now, huh?

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