Is This A Photo Of Kim Kardashian Trying On A Wedding Dress?

Is This A Photo Of Kim Kardashian Trying On A Wedding Dress?


From the Department of Oh No, today it’s come to light that last night, Kim Kardashian tweeted an Instagram photo of herself in a long white gown with a deep-plunging back. “Late night fitting at #pucci” was all she said about it, but, not surprisingly, it’s resulted in a collective hmm the Internet over.

I mean, she’s not even divorced yet, and judging by Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—in which Kanye does, as Jezebel points out, weirdly treat Kim like some sort of full-figured Barbie doll, throwing out a gazillion dollars worth of clothes and accessories and replacing it with what he thinks is, I guess, a wardrobe more befitting of a lady blessed to be on his arm—she’s probably just getting this fancy white gown for some sort of non-matrimonial event. One would think. One is tempted to give Kim at least this modicum of credit.

But you never can be too sure, can you? What do you think? She headed down the aisle again with this latest dude?

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