10 Smart Rules for Choosing Your Guest List



A lot of times when I read articles on guest-list issues, they are very etiquette-y, for lack of a better word, as opposed to, say, reflective of the types of things couples actually think and talk about when they’re sitting down and trying to cobble together the right guest list for their wedding. That’s not to say they’re not helpful—but they just don’t always have a direct application for the people who need one in order to not rip their hair out and/or kill each other.

That’s why I really liked this piece on HuffPo—it’s got realistic applications! (“If, when you visit the town where the potential invitees live, you don’t call them or plan to see them, then they shouldn’t be insulted when you don’t invite them to your wedding.”) Ten of them, actually—questions you can ask yourself and points to consider when it comes to each potential person who’ll open up an invitation to come celebrate on your Big Day.

Take a look, and tell us: What else should be on there? What did you and your groom consider when putting together your guest list? Every tip helps the bride after you! 

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