ASK THE EXPERT: Can I Invite My Co-Workers, But Not Their Spouses?

Our expert helps us out with the guest list.


Q: I have about 10 co-workers I’m close to whom I’d love to have at my wedding—but my guest list really can’t handle 20 more. Would it be okay to invite just this particular group without dates so they could be there? Or if I can’t invite them with dates, should I just cut out the whole group altogether?

A: “Brides are frequently faced with this predicament, as managing your guest list can be very difficult,” says Sarah Morrison, owner of Fort Washington-based All About Events. “If the co-workers are close to you, my recommendation would be to invite all 10, even without dates, and sit them together. A table of all co-workers is very common.”

And just in case you’re worried your work buddies might wonder why they’re being asked to watch you swap “I do’s” sans dates, Morrison suggests you give them a heads-up as to your plans. “Just make it known that your guest list is close to maxed, but you would really still love for them to be there.”

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