PHOTO: See How This Guy Proposed On a Roller Coaster

PHOTO: See How This Guy Proposed On a Roller Coaster

Well here's a proposal we haven't seen before.

This guy wins for having one of the more clever proposals we’ve seen in a while—and for pulling it off! Seems like there are a million ways this could have gone off with, well, a lot of hitches.

According to the groom-to-be’s post on Reddit, which is where this photo has taken off from, he had the marry-me t-shirt on underneath a button-down shirt when he and his girlfriend got onto the roller coaster at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park—except he changed the buttons to magnets so that he could open it quickly on the ride for the photo, and then close it up again so she wouldn’t see it until afterwards. Once they found the photo in the photo booth, he got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket (which was luckily still there), and proposed.

Pretty impressive. Must be why she said yes.

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