There Is a Bride Who Asked All of Her Guests To Do A Three-Week Pre-Wedding Cleanse

You know, it’s really been too long since we’ve heard from the department of Crazy Brides. (Please see the related posts below to jog your memories about our last visits with them.)

Seen today: Apparently, there is some health-guru-to-the-stars named Rainbeau Mars (who I must admit I have never heard of) who requested that all of her wedding guests please do a 21-day cleanse before attending her wedding, that they might (and I’m quoting from her publicist) “look and feel their best for HER big day.”

Like, whaa? Do they have to submit before and after weights at the door to a bouncer before they can get in? How is this even something that’s not a joke? Would you even send in a positive RSVP to a wedding where a request like this was made in earnest? So weird. I say she definitely earns a spot with the ladies below.

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