Let’s Talk About Bridesmaids Wearing Pants

This could be a thing. Let's work through how we feel about it.

Let's Talk About Bridesmaids Wearing Pants

J.Crew silk foulard Cáfe Capri in Anastasia's Flowers, $188; jcrew.com.

So, I saw this quickie post on Martha the other day, and my mind has kind of been racing since then with visions of bridesmaid getups that center around a truly awesome pair of pants. (For the record, I am very into the outfit they show in the post, and I think it’s only because that outfit is so awesome that I am paying this idea any attention at all.)

For me, I think the key to doing this right is that each piece of the outfit has to be friggin’ fantastic. Like, you have to find just the right pair of pants, a top that would be stunning no matter what it was paired with and looks fab on all the girls, and then the jewelry can’t just complement the look, it’s got to have a life of its own. And the shoes. Oh, the shoes. They’ve got to be gasp-worthy.

All that said, though, I think I could get sold on this idea. Done right, it could be so gorgeous, and so different, and you know what? I bet you wouldn’t hear any of the bridesmaids complaining. Talk about something they could wear again.

What do you think, though? Have you seen this done before? And well? Is it something you would consider? What do you think it would take to make it work?

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