Bridal Bulletin’s Top 15 Posts of 2012

Let's take a look at what we couldn't get enough of in Philly's bridal world this year.

Bridal Bulletin's Top 15 Posts of 2012


15. Obviously, a Couple Made a “Gangnam Style” Wedding Video One of the most viral videos/dances/dudes/things of the entire year was, obviously, going to work its way into weddings at some point. And this is pretty funny.

14. Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Why I Can’t Have the Wedding Cake I Want One of our lovely bridal bloggers from last season encountered one of the first major hiccups in her wedding plans—and what she feared was her first Bridezilla moment—when her baker informed her that the type of cake she wanted for her wedding just wasn’t going to work out.

13. Diary of a Marriage: Do Sex Toys Make For a Happy Marriage? After attending a bachelorette party that featured both a sex-toy party and a pole-dancing lesson, Emily returned home wondering this very thing.

12. Here’s What Really Happens at a Boudoir Shoot Yes, readers, this year, I showed my love for you by stripping down to my skivvies—pretty skivvies, of course—and taking part in a boudoir shoot, that I might fill you in on what it’s really like, should you be considering it yourself as a gift to your groom.

11. Brown Betty’s Pretty Ombre Cakes Over time, the color-fading ombre trend moved its way among fashion, hair, and interior design, so it’s not surprising it found its way into wedding details! And this well-loved Philly baker does it so well.

10. Summer’s Most Gorgeous Wedding Gowns The cover fashion feature from our spring/summer 2012 issue of Philadelphia Wedding, shot on location at Longwood Gardens.

9. Ever Wonder How Those Fortune Cookie Proposals Work? When Philly PR maven Nicole Cashman told us about her proposal, this very question—one that had plagued us for years, and apparently, also several of you—was finally answered!

8. PHOTOS: 24 Grooms’ Reactions to Seeing Their Bride on Their Wedding Day Well, it’s certainly my favorite moment of any given wedding, and it would seem that lots of you love it, too! Seriously, this slideshow is way too cute.

7. Will You Use Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year in Your Wedding? Tangerine Tango blew up the fashion and design world last year. Which reminds us: How do you feel about 2013’s color?

6. This Couple Has the Best Wedding Website Ever This is what happens when two really creative people get married.

5. A Wedding Planner’s Top 12 Pet Peeves From tip jars to bridesmaids drinking out of beer bottles, Philly wedding planner Lynda Barness from I Do Wedding Consulting filled us in on the things that drive her nuts at all the weddings she sees.

4. 5 Ways to Avoid the Post-Wedding Blues It’s a real thing, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen to you.

3. TLC’S New Show I Found the Gown Focuses on the Frugal Bride The dawning of yet another TLC wedding show that will inevitably suck you in when you’re supposed to be doing your laundry.

2. Penn State Love-Actually Style Video Proposal Goes Viral Oh, we just watched this again. L.O.V.E.

1. Here’s a Photo of a Phoenixville Bride’s Wedding Cake Inspired By a Philadelphia Wedding Story How much do we love that the number-one post of the year is about a local bride finding inspiration in the pages of our magazine? Well, a lot. But we also love that she asked Paoli baker Eileen Gray of the Cake Art Studio if she could maybe, possibly recreate a cake she saw in our fall/winter 2012 issue without even realizing it was Eileen’s original design.

Happy 2013, everybody! Can’t wait to hang with you all in the coming year!


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