Couples Are Really, Really Into Having 12/12/12 As Their Wedding Date

Sometimes, engaged couples choose their wedding date because it’s the date their venue—or one of the vendors they absolutely have to have—have free. Sometimes, it’s because a date has significant meaning to them—the anniversary of their first date, say. And sometimes, it’s because they think the date is super cool.

That’s what’s going on with all the couples—over 7,500, it’s estimated—tying the knot today, on 12/12/12, the last time we’ll have that date this century. (Actually, the last super cool date along these lines will happen next year, with 11/12/13.)

And Vegas certainly isn’t arguing with any of them, as they have seen a major decline in couples coming to their fair city to elope over the past few years, ever since other cities started to really get into the whole elopement business. (In 2009, for instance, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg overhauled the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, and specifically said he wanted to give Vegas a run for its money. Like, literally.)

I’m not so sure I’d want to get married on a Wednesday—but the date is definitely cool. Any of you attending a 12/12/12 wedding? Or choose your date for a reason other than logistical availability?

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