6 Surefire Ways To Anger Your Wedding Guests

6 Surefire Ways To Anger Your Wedding Guests


We recently shared with you the stance of one of our writers on the number-one way to keep your wedding guests happy. We continue to stand behind him on this point.

And while we love to both hear and give advice concerning ways to make your wedding guests happy—advice concerning certain things that will, shall we say, piss off your guests, tends to be even more helpful, we think. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid doing certain things than it is to actually do others.

And maybe that is why we adored this piece on HuffPo today. Between taking a stance against screwy dress requirements on invitations and pleading with grooms not to try and get tricky and cop a feel whilst theoretically rooting around for the garter, we kind of want this list shouted from the rooftops. Maybe give it a once-over before continuing on with your planning.

Anything missing on here? Ever have something really put you out as a guest at a wedding?

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