Is Avril Lavigne’s 14-Carat Engagement Ring Too Big?

Is Avril Lavigne's 14-Carat Engagement Ring Too Big?


Avril Lavigne (seemingly) randomly became engaged to the Nickleback guy very recently, and while I’m not much concerned with that, I can never help but want to see the ring a little when celebs get engaged. I mean, they’re diamonds. I want to see them.

And then it came out that this particular ring was a 14-carat-er. Right away, I thought a skeptical hmm to myself, and then, thanks, as always, to People, I was able to see it. (Here are all the details; here‘s a version where you can enlarge the pic.)

While it’s not quite in the same league, and while I realize it’s not yet paired with a band that might exacerbate what’s already going on here, I’m going to refer you, dear readers, to my thoughts on Ms. Kardashian’s rings, you know, from back less than a year ago when she was wearing them. Big diamonds are awesome, but giant diamonds? Eh.

What do you think? Do you like a diamond that big? And how do we feel about the teardrop shape?

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