Couple Marries In Over 30 Weddings Around The Globe

Well, this is certainly an interesting story!

Today, by way of Gawker, we learned about Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, a British couple who have tied the knot 20-some times in various countries, in various cultural ceremonies, around the world. And they’re planning on doing it some more.

They chronicle this adventure on their blog, 2people1life.

Once they’ve tied the knot a few dozen more times, they’ll choose whichever of those locations was their fave, and they’ll return to that spot for their “real” wedding.

We’re kind of confused as to whether that means that none of the weddings are actually legit, or if by “officially” getting married at the end of this whole thing, they just mean that they’re going to personalize and design the ceremony their way, with actual family and friends in attendance.

What do you make of all this? Fabulous adventure? Or a little weird?

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