How To Feed Your Wedding Vendors

They need to eat during your wedding, too!


While feeding your wedding guests is a no-brainer, it’s easy to overlook the people behind the scenes who are in attendance for your Big Day. You know—the wedding planner, photographer, the DJ or members of the band and other vendors who are on-hand—often, for hours and hours—to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

We came across this Washington Post article written by a wedding photographer who has experienced the highs and lows of reception food offerings. In some cases, she’s been included in the catering head count and in others, she’s not been fed at all. So this got us thinking: What’s the best way to go about feeding the vendors who are present during your day?

According to Susan Norcross, event specialist and owner of planning company Two Rings One Circus, the first step a bride should always take is to check the vendor contracts, as they will usually state whether or not a meal is required—and if they require the same meal as your guests. (This goes for the vendors mentioned above as well as the videographer and makeup or hair stylists who are staying on-site for touch-ups.) Most are not too picky, she says, but it’s best to know in advance so that the caterer is aware of any special dietary needs. As an easy option to serve all of your vendors, Norcross suggests setting up a buffet-style meal with sandwiches, salads and something sweet, in addition to lots of bottled water.

Not sure when’s the right moment to let your vendors grab a bite? “I try to have a dinner break for both the vendors and the band at the same time,” Norcross says. “This is when all guests are having their entrée, and everyone is seated and eating. No one takes pictures of guests eating, anyway, so the photographer and videographer are safe to break, too.”

And, as a final gesture to say thanks for all of their hard work, Norcross advises brides to send the vendors home with either a piece of wedding cake or a sweet favor. After all, they played a huge role in making your day so memorable.

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