Facebook Makes It Easier To Congratulate Your Friends’ Marital Status

They've got a brand new feature.


So you know how, since you joined Facebook, you’ve wished more happy birthdays to people than in all the years you weren’t on Facbeook combined? Thanks to that handy little notification that appears in the right hand corner when someone you’re friends with (whether you’re, like, real friends with them or it’s a strictly FB relationship) is celebrating the turning of another year, you are never delinquent in the well-wishing department.

Well now, Facebook has added a little “Weddings and Celebrations” feature to that little right hand corner area, and just like with your friends’ birthdays, if one of them changes their status to “engaged” or “married,” you’ll be notified of that, too!

Get ready to do a whole lot more “liking” than ever before.


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