Ask the Expert: Do We Have To Pay For Our Guests’ Parking?


Question: We’re having our reception at a big, fancy hotel in Center City, and we were wondering: Are we obligated to pay for our guests’ parking?

Answer: No, you are not obligated to pick up the parking tab for your guests, says Megan Kline, wedding planner and owner of Philadelphia’s Megan Kline Events. There are always expenses that come along with attending a wedding, and often a fee like this is one of them. But, she says, it is a nice idea to take the pain out of parking for your family and friends—if, of course, you can swing it financially.

If you do decide there is room in your budget to put up your guests’ cars, there are several creative ways to go about letting them know it’s been taken care of. “You could include a cute little card in your invitation that says ’Complimentary Parking,’” she suggests. “Or pre-arrange something with the valet or hotel, and hang a ‘Thank you for coming’ tag in your guests’ vehicles. Because even though it’s definitely not required of the bride and groom, it is a really nice courtesy to extend to your guests.”


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