Get Dress-Ready With Dance!

Nine local classes to get you grooving—and toned!

Earlier this week, my lovely colleague, health and fitness editor Emily Leaman over at Be Well Philly, put up a post about classes at nine local dance studios that’ll get you sweating and toned—and hey, maybe even learning something new!—in no time.

I read it, and thought: a) I should totally try one of these. I could pretend to live out my fantasy of winning So You Think You Can Dance, and maybe even shave off a few lbs from extra, end-of-summer Shore treats. And, b) I should totally share these with our brides.

We know you’re doing everything imaginable to get your body rocking for that Dress, and what fun these classes would be in shaking up your routine! Plus, after a few classes, it’ll seem only natural and understandable when you announce to your hubby-to-be that you’ve gone ahead and signed the two of you up for some pre-first dance lessons. After all, you’ll want to show off yourself—and your stuff—on your Big Day, right? Happy shaking it!

From salsa and ballroom to hip-hop, jazz and even striptease aerobics, check out Emily’s roundup here.

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