From Our Sponsor: Wine Always Gets a Warm Reception

How to Choose Your Wedding WineBrides-to-be may obsess over seating arrangements, napkin colors and the exact dimensions of the floral centerpieces. But here’s at least one decision that shouldn’t be complicated – what goes in the wine glasses.

It’s easy to find just the right wines to serve with dinner at your wedding reception. Whether you want to keep the drinks simple, or plan choices to delight the gourmets at the table; whether you need wines that are budget-friendly, or have decided to splurge, PA Wine & Spirits Stores and their online store at have you covered.

Once you’ve decided on the foods for your menu, you can think about the wines that will complement these dishes best. (If you’re really into this, start with your favorite wines, then choose the food!) And consider the many ways you can incorporate wine into this very special dinner:

A different wine with each course. Food and wine aficionados will appreciate a freshly poured glass to complement each dish. For great suggestions on what wine styles and varietals go with various dishes, browse the food pairing pages at For example: Start with a bright sparkling wine to accompany a shellfish appetizer; a light, crisp white wine with salad in a mild dressing; a full-bodied red to serve with a beef entrée.

More for less. Serving high-quality, well-reviewed wines doesn’t have to be a pricey proposition. Visit PA Wine & Spirits Premium Collection Stores to find Chairman’s Selections™, delicious and often world-renowned wines typically 40 percent or more off nationally quoted prices. Check often to see what new wines are arriving in this program – recent party-friendly picks include festive Italian sparkling wines, California Chardonnays, elegant French reds and serious Cabernets, all at great savings.

Family style. For informal and inexpensive wine service, select food-friendly varietals (Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot) in three- or five-liter boxes, and decant into pretty pitchers for each table. Boxed wines are green-friendly in every possible way: One thrifty three-liter box contains the same amount of wine as four standard, 750-mL wine bottles.

Nothing but bubbles. Fans of Champagne and other sparkling wines are always happy to argue that Champagne goes with everything. So if you’re a believer, start with a light sparkler, then move on to a fuller-bodied vintage or sparkling rosé to pair with the entrée.

Mark a very good year. Provide one big serving at each place setting with 187-mL wine bottles bearing your personalized label. These quarter-bottles make great placeholders and wedding souvenirs. Choose from a variety of special-occasion labels, personalized with your names and date, at

And don’t forget dessert. A semi-dry or sweet sparkling wine is a stylish and refreshing accompaniment to wedding cake. A true dessert wine, such as a vintage Sauternes or luscious ice wine, alongside cookies or other pastries will conclude your reception on the sweetest note of all.

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