Bride-to-be-Blogger Carolyn: Negotiating The Colors

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I’ve never been very good at art. I struggled through my elementary school art classes and, embarrassingly, I never quite mastered the color wheel. Yes, I’m aware there are primary colors, but please don’t ask me what colors combine to make secondary colors, and don’t even get me started on complementary colors. I have a hard enough time matching my clothes every day, so coming up with a color scheme for this wedding has been no easy task.

I’m a pretty big fan of the color blue. As I shared earlier, I have a blue sapphire ring. Blue is also a staple of my wardrobe, because I see it as a pretty, nice basic color. So, blue was a given. Yet, much to my chagrin, there are a ton of different shades of blue. To simplify this decision, I decided to stick with my plan to keep my blue tones pretty basic, and pick a nice navy.

Any time I have a color choice on something, I generally default towards pink. I have a pink lunch bag, cell phone cover, iPod, and day planner—I’m even wearing a pink fleece right now. Sometimes, I go out wearing my pink attire with my pink accoutrements and realize that I look a little bit like a Power Ranger. Now, this may come as a surprise, but Chris isn’t too in to throwing a big, pink wedding. I don’t understand why not either, but I guess I have to be amenable to his opinion, so pink has been vetoed. He didn’t say anything about peach, however. So, after some debate, we’ve decided to substitute my beloved pink for a more subtle manly (?) shade of peach.

Do peach and navy complement each other? I have no clue. That elusive color wheel gets me every time. However, I’m pretty pleased with each shade on an individual basis, and I have every confidence that our vendors will be able to make them work. If not, I could always go back to trying to sell Chris on the monochromatic pink idea…

How did you choose your colors? Did you fiance weigh in with a strong opinion (and maybe a veto?), or did he give you free reign on that front?




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