Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Icing on the Cake

Cake by Sweet Jazmines, Berwyn; photograph by Trevor Dixon; styling by Lauren Kozakiewicz

We have a meeting with our bakery this upcoming weekend, and I am really excited to pick out a fantastic cake. I plan on perusing their online gallery later tonight to see what kinds of options we have. I think I want a modern twist on something traditional — maybe something like offset square tiers, as opposed to the traditional round variety.

When Anthony e-mailed me to let me know what time he made the appointment for (yes that’s right — he has his own to-do list these days!), he told me that the bakery also wants us to bring whatever cake topper we planned on using. Gulp! We don’t have one yet! We haven’t even decided officially if we are using one at all! We did have one selected early on, and it matches our place settings, so it would be something we could hold onto forever. And we are still talking about that one — possibly. But then, we could always use fresh flowers to decorate the cake. What are your thoughts? Stick with a traditional topper or go with a more modern look?

Also, I figured there was some room in this post to take a poll of some other brides-to-be and those who are reading this following the Big Day: What are your thoughts on the cake-cutting/smashing? I think this could be fun. Horror stories? Anyone totally against it? What do you think?

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