Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Now for the “Lawfully Wedded” Part

Photo by Meyer Photography

After quite the search, Anthony and I finally met with our first officiant, and I am still feeling a certain amount of pressure to choose the right person. This is the actual “wedding” part of the day, after all, and ironically, he or she will only be part of it for about 15 minutes — and that’s probably pushing it.

I was telling my sister about our experience with our first meeting. It went well, and he was really nice, but some things just did not sit right. My sister called me picky, and considering the minute details that bothered me, maybe she is right. But of all aspects of the wedding day to choose on the fly, shouldn’t this be the last thing? His name will be on our marriage license ‘til death do us part — and, thanks to modern technology, even longer in electronic format.

Maybe because this is the symbolic part of the day, I just want finding the right officiant to feel less like buying a used car. Talking “price” at all makes the whole thing seem strange, and then hearing that prices are being slashed due to the state of the economy — well, here comes that vision of the used car lot and a faint plaid suit. It just doesn’t seem right.

We’re going to meet with a few other people and see what happens and who we like the most. It’s like I said before: I think it is about being comfortable.

What did you look for in an officiant? How did you know you found the right person?

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